About Custom Feast

About Custom Feast

Custom Feast is an automotive blog. We started on January 2020. Custom Feast inpired from a big event in Jogjakarta KUSTOMFEST. Custom Feast very appreciate to KUSTOMFEST because without them, our blog not born on internet. Custom Feast blog inform about custom car, custom bike, custom gauge, custom speedometer, gauge service / speedometer service, automotive community and also automotive repair shop.

custom feast


Custom Feast opened for media partners and also for partnerships to promote your product or your service about automotive. For community partnership, we give a special offer with no fee (FREE!!!). For product or service, we give special price, negotiable. Contact us on Whatsapp +6285156784826 or send an e-mail to customfeastofficial@gmail.com

What is the benefit / the advantage of working with us?

If you have a product or service you will get many benefits like these:

  • Your product/service written on our article (post)
  • You get more traffic for your brand
  • We give backlinks for your website
  • We promote on social media ( Instagram, Twitter, fan page Facebook, and also WhatsApp broadcast)

How to cooperate? with Custom Feast?

Just contact us via Whatsapp or send an e-mail to us. You also can send DM on our Facebook fan page, Twitter, Instagram. For the special prices, we start from $5 to get the minimalist package. To get more packages let's discuss more detail. Price also can be negotiable!

Thank you for visiting our blog customfeast.com. Thank you for reading a page about Custom Feast. Follow us on our social media:

Facebook: Custom Feast
Twitter: @Customfeast
Instagram: @Customfeast
Youtube: Custom Feast

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